Lipo-sculpture, liposuction and suction assisted lipectomy are all terms used to describe procedures that improve the contour of the body by selective removal, and at times, addition or re-distribution of sub cutaneous fat.

You will find a baffling number of terms used to commercialize these procedures. The so called laser lipo, ultrasonic lipo, tickle lipo, and water jet assisted liposuction to name a few, are, in my experience, no more than gimmicks and copyrighted marketing terms.

Until now, none of these techniques have been proven to provide better results, to reduce costs or reduce complications when compared to a straightforward liposuction.

The procedure involves introducing a mixture of I.V. solution with a minute amount of adrenaline into the layer of fat to be removed, and then through a long, narrow tube, typically 1/8 of an inch in diameter connected to a specialized vacuum pump, suctioning out the offending layer of fat.

Liposuction is the perfect example of a procedure in which achieving an optimal result depends more on the surgeons expertise and aesthetic judgement than the technology at hand.

Those mechanisms used to fragment the fat prior to removal such as laser energy, ultrasonic energy, and vibration, quite frankly, do not lead to a better result and can result in injuries such as skin burns, nerve damage, prolonged swelling and pain which the standard mechanical removal avoids.  

Another advantage is that the viable fat removed by standard methods, at times, can be put to a better use, serving as an excellent source of filler material for faces, breasts or buttocks.

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