Facial Surgery



Eyelid & Eyebrow

The earliest telltale signs of aging are the appearance of crow’s feet, furrows between the brows, droopy brows, and/or upper and lower eyelid folds and bags, all of which conspire to give a tired and aged appearance to an otherwise youthful appearing face.

For the skin changes, I will suggest non-surgical treatments such as enhanced skin care programs, diverse peels, injections of neuromodulators (Botox) or fillers (Juvederm, Voluma and the likes).

The next and most effective step is that of lid surgeries, specially upper and lower lid blepharoplasty and brow lifts. These procedures can be performed in the office with minimal sedation and local anesthetic at a reasonable cost. With the added advantage that the effects are maintained long term, seldom needing little more than minor touch-ups far down the road.

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Facial Rejuvenation

As the signs of aging progress, I will propose a surgical plan that best addresses the patient's concerns. When evaluating a patient seeking aesthetic surgery, I start with an in depth discussion of the patient's concerns and expectations. My analysis is done through the eyes of a surgeon and those of a sculptor. I seek to identify those features that are unique and desirable in order to enhance them as well as those that appear to be detrimental in order to soften or to mitigate them.

At this point, I might be suggesting procedures as varied as micro fat grafts, eyebrow and eyelid surgery, various types of face and neck lifts as well as facial sculpting procedures, performed in a way that delivers maximum improvement at a reasonable cost while carefully avoiding the dreaded overdone look.

I have always avoided gimmicks and procedures not proven to be effective and I do not experiment with my patients. You will never see me peddling the most recent fad advertised in some glossy magazines. It is my responsibility to offer only those treatments that time and experience has proven effective, desirable and safe.

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Ear, Nose & Chin

Aging however is not the only reason patients visit my office, there are facial features such as nasal imperfections, prominent ears, weak chins, fatty necks, full faces, sunken cheekbones that create concern to patients of all age groups and I will present examples of such corrections under the term of facial sculpture.

Otoplasty – consists in remodeling the ear cartilage and repositioning the ear framework at an angle more appropriate for the shape of the face, all done through the crease behind the ear as to be inconspicuous. Depending on the degree of correction needed and the age of the patient, it may be safely be performed in an office setting under local anesthetic, or it might require a brief procedure in the hospital operating room.
The typical post-operative course is about one week, the only limitation would be the possible need of a headband to be worn intermittently for the first ten days

A Rhinoplasty is usually a slightly more invasive procedure, it may involve shaping the tip, the bony bridge, working on the airways or all of above. May require local or general anesthesia, but is a day surgery procedure and requires about a week of downtime.

Genioplasty involves increasing the projection and/or improving the contour of the chin - the goal being a more harmonious profile. It consists in implanting a silicone rubber device just above the periosteoum where it blends with the bone, and in this manner rendering it invisible and non palpable. It requires a ¾ “ incision bellow the chin and is frequently performed in combination with nasal surgery or neck liposuction.

Liposuction of the neck is in my opinion best suited for those individuals who have a combination of a fatty neck and very good skin tone, In those instances liposuction alone might suffice, If the skin is inelastic others, other measures such as chin enhancements or neck lifts may be necessary.

And for the rare patient with “chipmunk cheeks” caused by overdeveloped fat pockets in the deep compartments of the cheek, a direct fat removal through a small incision on the inside surface of the cheek may greatly improve the contour and give a more sculpted and angular appearance.

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A visionary with a passion for creating natural and harmonious results, Dr. Paul E. Mondolfi welcomes you to discover the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery.