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The MACS-Lift

The Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-Lift was described by Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele from Belgium in 2001.

What are the advantages of this technique?

  • The Incisions are limited to the crease in front of the ears and the hairline above the ears. 
  • Since the area of skin freed from its underlying tissue is much smaller, the probability of post-operative bleeding and circulatory disturbances is also much smaller.
  • It has long-lasting results because the soft tissue from upper neck, jowls, and cheeks is elevated and then firmly anchored to the deep strong structures of the temples. 
  • Because there is less trauma and manipulation of tissue, there is also less swelling and bruising, resulting on a more comfortable and faster recovery period.
  • Because the cheeks are elevated and they no longer pull down on the lower eyelids, the eyes recover their youthful appearance.
  • Because the facial surgery is preceded by liposuction of the neck, the freed skin and muscles can be elevated easily. 
  • The MACS-Lift is ideal for the patient with sagging of the cheeks and mid-face and early changes of neck.
  • The results of the MACS-Lift are comparable to those achieved with more aggressive procedures. 
  • The procedure can be performed under sedation and on an outpatient basis.    

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