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Before & Afters: Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

(click images to enlarge)

Case 1 - Early breast reconstruction after unilateral mastectomy, lattisimus dorsi flap (back flap) and implant on the right and breast lift on the left


Case 2 - Left Breast reconstruction with "own tissue" only and Right breast lift


Case 3 - Left TRAM flap reconstruction



Case 4 - Right TRAM flap reconstruction


Case 5 - Inmediate TRAM flap reconstruction


Case 6 - Bilateral reconstruction, latisimus dorsi flaps over implants, nipples not done



Case 7 - After mastectomy and radiation, latisimus dorsi flap over implant and left side lift with implants


Case 8 - Bilateral inmediate expander reconstruction



Case 9 - Sequence of expander reconstruction, at surgery left mastectomy, localizing expander valve, filling expander, after permanent device and nipple creation



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Dr. Paul E. Mondolfi is a credentialed, qualified and experienced plastic surgeon serving the Houston,
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Dr. Mondolfi specializes in facial plastic surgery, breast and body contouring, and liposculpture.

605 E. San Antonio St. • Suite 450 • Victoria, Texas 77901 • (361) 580-1574
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