Dr. Mondolfi’s reputation draws patients from across the State, across the Country and from overseas. Our experience with our out of town patients has led us to implement a program that makes the experience, from initial evaluation to the return home, as seamless as possible.

It begins with one or more video conferences, similar to a face to face consultation. This will allow us to understand your concerns and for us to provide as much information as possible before travel dates and surgery dates are booked.

We can assist with arrangements for transportation to and from the arrival airport and our team will guide you through the entire pre-operative, operative and post-operative process. Patients may choose to be lodged at our guest house located on Dr. Mondolfi’s ranch, in a bucolic, restful environment, conducive to a pleasant recovery and under the care of our team.

A visionary with a passion for creating natural and harmonious results, Dr. Paul E. Mondolfi welcomes you to discover the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery.