Breast Augmentation, Other Issues


Case 1

Age 21
Height 5’ 6”, Weight 150 lbs.

Gel filled devices 230cc on the right and 280 cc on the left, above the muscle, through infra-mammary incisions.

Case 2

Age 30
Height 5’ 7”, Weight 135 lbs.

Patient with a sunken breastbone Gel filled devices, 340 cc. Behind the muscle through a sub-mammary incision.

Case 3

Age 20
Height 5’ 7”, Weight 170 lbs.

Patient with elongated “puffy” breasts or tuberous breasts. Saline devices, 300 cc. behind the muscle, through a nipple-reducing incision.

Case 4

Age 18
Height 5’ 6”, Weight 136 lbs.

Short distance between areola and sub-mammary fold. Saline devices 360cc. Behind the muscle through a sub-mammary incision.

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