Skin Care

For years, I had been reluctant to include skin care as part of what I offer to my patients because most programs were empirical and lacked any scientific evidence. However, the development of better formulations of topical products, more efficient ways to deliver them, and an array of medically backed non-invasive procedures, have made me re-embrace the subject. 

I have been appalled by the irony that patients would entrust me for their facelift, and yet delegate their skin care to an untrained individual at the cosmetic counter of a department store when I have the knowledge and the access to medical grade products that will achieve optimal results.

Medical grade sun protection, proper cleansing of the skin, antioxidants and exfoliating products, along with small procedures such as micro-needling, derma-planning, and peelings are the perfect complement to facial rejuvenation surgery, or our best ally to extend the youthful appearance of the skin. 

Lastly, we offer other procedures such as micro-blading which deals with the thinning of the eyebrows, a very common complaint in the aging population and the perfect complement to facial rejuvenation measures.

A visionary with a passion for creating natural and harmonious results, Dr. Paul E. Mondolfi welcomes you to discover the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery.