Bariatric, Post Weight Loss Surgery

The increase in popularity of surgical weight loss (Bariatric Surgery) and the fact that Victoria is home to two excellent Bariatric Surgery centers, body contouring after major weight loss has become one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Mondolfi.

The most common request by patients that have successfully lost considerable weight is a restoration of their abdomen, where a combination of overhanging skin and fat, lax muscles, retraction of the umbilicus and enlargement of the pubic mound lead to cosmetic and functional issues that can be solved by extended lipo-abdominoplasty.

However, the patterns of weight loss are unique to each individual, as are the patients concerns and priorities, hence, you will also be shown two examples of arm lifts, thighplasty, breast surgery, belt lipectomy and lower body lifts. The purpose of these procedures is to remove the excess sagging skin and fat, improving the contour, shape and skin tone. The goal is to restore a more appealing appearance of the body. This surgery is in essence, the final phase of your weight loss experience as you may glean from the following gallery of before and after photographs.

View Bariatric Before and Afters

A visionary with a passion for creating natural and harmonious results, Dr. Paul E. Mondolfi welcomes you to discover the benefits of cosmetic plastic surgery.