Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men have been traditionally “in the closet” in regards to plastic surgery. They tend to be more secretive and less open to discuss issues about their appearance, but the reality is that men have the same personal and societal motivations to extend their youthful appearance or correct those traits they might find unattractive.

It is crucial to understand that as men age, they do so in a different manner, and have special requirements due to factors such as male pattern baldness, facial hair, coarser facial features and a more rugged facial skeleton. A good understanding of these issues is critical to effective correction without feminization of the features.

Aside of aging, men may be dissatisfied with certain features like a weak chin or an unattractive nose, but there are four concerns that specifically haunt the male population.

  • Enlargement of the male breasts.
  • Development of unwanted fat deposits, usually in neck or love handles.
  • A thickening of nasal skin leading to the “WC Fields appearance”.
  • Issues regarding penile length and girth.

Fortunately, most can be corrected or significantly improved with the proper treatment.

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